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What does ZoomInfo do?
ZoomInfo provides go-to-market intelligence and software for sales, marketing, operations, and recruiting teams. Our cloud-based platform offers highly accurate and comprehensive information on the organizations and business professionals they target, as well as the software to engage with them.
When / who founded ZoomInfo?
DiscoverOrg was founded by Henry Schuck in 2007. DiscoverOrg acquired ZoomInfo in February of 2019 and the company was rebranded as ZoomInfo later that year.
When was ZoomInfo’s initial public offering (IPO) and at what price?
ZoomInfo shares were first traded on the Nasdaq on June 4, 2020. Its IPO price was $21.00.
What exchange does ZoomInfo trade on and what is the company’s ticker symbol?
ZoomInfo shares trade on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol ZI.
Does ZoomInfo have a direct stock purchase plan?
ZoomInfo does not currently have a direct stock purchase plan.
Where is ZoomInfo’s corporate headquarters?
ZoomInfo’s corporate headquarters are in Vancouver, Washington. We are proud of our hometown in Vancouver and think that the city is a great place to live and work.
Who are the members of ZoomInfo's leadership team and board of directors?
When does ZoomInfo’s fiscal year end?
ZoomInfo has a December 31 year-end.
How do I contact investor relations with a question?
You can contact ZoomInfo investor relations via email at
Where can I access ZoomInfo’s filings with the securities and exchange commission (SEC)?
SEC filings are available here and on the SEC’s website at
Who are ZoomInfo’s independent registered public accountants?
Who is ZoomInfo’s transfer agent?