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ZoomInfo is a leading go-to-market intelligence platform for sales and marketing teams.

Our cloud-based platform provides highly accurate and comprehensive information on the organizations and professionals they target. This “360-degree view” enables sellers and marketers to shorten sales cycles and increase win rates by delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time, to hit their number.

Every business needs to sell effectively to thrive. Today, sales and marketing is inherently inefficient. Sales representatives spend only a third of their time actually selling, in large part because they must spend so much of their time researching, curating, and organizing data, which is often of poor quality. Sales and marketing teams often lack scalable and actionable go-to-market intelligence to engage their customers and prospects.

All organizations that sell to other businesses can use ZoomInfo to sell more, in a smarter, better, and faster way.

Listen to our CEO Henry Schuck explain ZoomInfo's business on the Business Breakdowns podcast

Listen to our CEO Henry Shuck explain Zoominfo's business on the Business Breakdowns podcast