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ZoomInfo values:

  • Winning
  • Getting it Done
  • Collaboration
  • Define New Possibles
  • Leadership

At ZoomInfo we believe that we can do well and do good. We are committed to high standards of environmental, social and governance practices. We value diversity in all its forms, we believe in transparency, we cherish the environment, and we strive to be good corporate citizens, giving back to the communities in which we live and work.

We focus on the long-term and make decisions through that lens. We believe in driving durable revenue growth and profitability, driven by prudent investments and backed by our passionate belief that growth and profitability is an “AND” decision, not an “OR” decision.

We are proud that we have democratized the sales process, meaning that any person who uses our platform can successfully go-to-market regardless of what they look like, how long they have been a seller, whether they have a country club membership, or who is already in their rolodex. We bring our market leading data and insights to all; we help all professionals to #HitYourNumber based solely on your merits.

We are proud to have enacted privacy regulations that go far beyond any required by U.S. law. Our privacy policy is clear, we make it easy to see your information and update it.

Our senior leadership team and our board is made up of experienced and diverse executives from a variety of backgrounds. We believe data is the great equalizer and we make informed decisions based on facts and data and promote based on merits. We believe in the power of coaching and continuous improvement; we never settle and constantly look to get better.

ZoomInfo’s Global Inclusion and Diversity Initiative

  • ZoomInfo's Global Inclusion & Diversity Initiative (GIDI) works to create a sense of belonging for all employees. Understanding that representation matters, GIDI takes an active role in focusing on the equity, advancement and empowerment of all communities.
  • We believe that developing relationships within the community and company-wide makes room for authenticity, creates transparency and normalizes complex conversations empowering us all to make real change.
  • We believe in the power of the team. Winning teams look for the best talent, regardless of background. We know that employees are our greatest asset and we are proud of the diversity that we foster in our workplaces, encouraging every employee to do their best.
  • We foster a number of employee organizations including Zoom In Color, ZoomInfo WIN, ZIPRIDE, Delta Oscar Mike, and Zoom Around the World. We believe that together we can impact employee engagement and customer experience through an open and inclusive community at the workplace.